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The President has just issued the Decision No. 2365/QD-CTN dated 13th December 2013 on awarding the title of Labor Hero to Ba Ria- Vung Tau Urban Sewerage and Development Company (BUSADCO) for “having particularly outstanding achievements in labor, creativity, contributing to the cause of building socialism and the national defense".

Mr. Vo Van Nam, Head of Council of emulation and commendation of BR-VT province said: This is the first business of the BR-VT province awarded the title of Labor Hero in renovation period. Formerly, the Chairman cum General Director - Dr. Hoang Duc Thao was also awarded the title of Labor Hero in 2011. Thus, BUSADCO is one of the rare businesses in the country received the title of Labor Hero for both collective and individual.

Ba Ria- Vung Tau Urban Sewerage and Development Company (BUSADCO) was established on 18th June 2003 (1st September 2003), became the One Member Limited Company in 23rd July 2008 and was the first Scientific and Technological Business of the whole country (in 13th April 2009). This is the 100 % State owned Company with the main tasks and functions: Activities for public interest in urban drainage field; research and application of science and technology; urban investment and development; undertaking construction and installation of civil, industrial and technical infrastructure works; environmental protection services. In every field, BUSADCO gains special excellent achievements.

In the field of public activities, BUSADCO has been currently the leading company in urban drainage of the country: BUSADCO’s labor productivity in dredging drainage system has been 10 times higher than national norm and other companies. The replacement of manual dredging with mechanical equipment helps the worker avoid working in danger and harmful environment; BUSADCO has proactively prevented flooding on a large scale and cleared other flooding areas; has stopped the situation of directly discharging wastewater into beaches and tourism areas; has transported the wastewater out of the centre, tourism, public and density residential areas; has treated the bad smell from sewers, manholes, collection pits on the streets; has reduced the odor from regulation and dilution reservoirs as well as main open channels in Vung Tau City; has contributed to improvement of the urban environment of the province…

As being the Employer of investment projects in constructing drainage systems and environmental protection, BUSADCO has strictly complied with the requirements of the law on the project management and ensured the project to be completed and put into use on schedule with high quality. Besides, BUSADCO has actively promoted, looked for and campaigned for grants and soft loans with low rate from foreign organizations to bring many benefits to the country. At the present, BUSADCO is the Employer of 7 projects using ODA funds with total amount over 5,000 billion VND.

In the field of research and application of science and technology, BUSADCO is the leading company in technological renovation. Up to now, BUSADCO has more than 30 great initiatives and useful solutions with 30 scientific and technological products. In which, 23 products have been widely applied; 17 products have been issued the patents and useful solutions; 13 products have been approved in the list of Vietnames Standards (TCVN) by the Ministry of Science and Technology; 5 Certificates of appropriate technology have been issued by the Ministry of Construction allowing to apply in the whole country and export; 18 Certificates of qualified products have been issued by the Quality Insurance and Testing Center.

BUSADCO has achieved many national and international prestigious awards, especially in the field of Science and Technology. BUSADCO is the incumbent record holder of Vietnam as being “Vietnamese scientific and technological business won the most prizes of scientific and technological creation organizations at home and abroad”. At the same time, BUSADCO was evaluated as being one of the 500 most growth enterprises in Vietnam.