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In the past time in Ha Noi, Club of Scientific and technological Journalists of Viet Nam -Journalist Association of Viet Nam organized a ceremony to announce 10 outstanding scientific and technological events in 2012. These 10 events are evaluated by nearly 50 journalists specializing in the field of Science and Technology according to 5 fields, including: Policy mechanism; social science, humanity and natural sciences; science and technology; honoring scientists and international cooperation.

The event of Ba Ria - Vung Tau Urban Sewerage and Development Company (BUSADCO) winning the Asia - Pacific Quality Award (APQA) was voted the 7th event (in the field of science and technology) among 10 events. BUSADCO won the “Best in Class” Award of the Asia - Pacific Quality Award (APQA) - Global Excellence Award in 2012. This was the only Vietnamese enterprise winning the prize in the field of large service and was the highest award of Vietnam in 2012 within the framework of this award.

Previously, BUSADCO had excellently won the Gold prize - National Quality Award in 2011 and nominated to attend Asia - Pacific Quality Award (APQA) by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The company also won the Gold Prize of Scientific and International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition (ITEX) in Malaysia in 2012 this year for the theme: "Research and application of reinforced concrete manhole with thin walls in conjunction with joints for technical infrastructure and environmental protection”. This product previously had won the gold prize of VIFOTEC in 2011.

In 2012, BUSADCO successfully studied and applied a series of scientific and technological products that contributed to improving and upgrading urban areas of Vietnam. The useful products such as precast reinforced concrete manhole with thin walls in conjunction with joints; technical trenches in urban area; precast reinforced concrete curbs; precast reinforced concrete garbage cans and plant pots combined and on-site treatment system for wastewater from hotels and restaurants…. Besides the products serving urban areas, BUSADCO also contributed to implementing the national target program on building new rural areas with useful products: Precast reinforced concrete channels/ditches, precast reinforced concrete slabs used for paving streets in rural areas; precast reinforced concrete tanks; biogas tanks…

BUSADCO succeeded in researching, setting up and putting 6 plants in the whole country into operation with the vibration technology line of manufacturing of precast reinforced concrete structures with thin walls. With this technology line, BUSADCO have successfully manufactured and applied many useful products such as: new system for rainwater collection and odor control at urban areas in Vietnam; septic tank in urban areas; reinforced concrete box culverts with thin walls; precast reinforced concrete tombs; decentralized wastewater treatment system…. Besides the technology of precast reinforced concrete with thin walls, BUSADCO also researched and applied successfully the products such as: Sewer cleaning winch machines; tidal gates for regulating, diluting and scouring contaminated water bodies to reduce environmental pollution… BUSADCO scientific and technological products were used to serve the welfare of the people; build the welfare public works; satisfy the practical living requirements of the people.





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